Tuesday, June 06, 2006

How You Enjoy a Europrean Monument

So things have been going great in Budapest. More trainees have arrived and we are finding lots of thing to do to keep ourselves busy. I have also been given many private German lessons from the two German trainees that are here, Alex and Dominik.

Last week Alex, Jola and I decided we should relax by Hero square (Hosok Tere) and finish off some of our loverly Eger wine. Now I would have to say this is the best way to take in an European monument. We found ourselves a nice seat along the great statues above and opened up the wine, talked and enjoyed the view. Below you will see the night view from where we were sitting. We are looking along the street Andrassy ut which runs along the Yellow Metro line.

Here is Alex and I enjoying the Eger wine. We are actually sitting right on the monument itself. All around us are people riding bikes or rollerblading around.


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