Monday, May 29, 2006

Visegrad Day Trip

On May 27th the trainees were invited to attend a boat trip to the town of Visegrad. Visegrad is a small town north on the Danube. This town is well known for its political history between the Hungarian, Polish and Czech governments. I won't going into detail mainly because I don't really know the details :) The boat trip up the Danube was beautiful, the hills were lush and green and went on forever. It' not what I expected at all... Although I didn't really know what to expect. But both ways it was a peaceful ride that I would recommend to anyone who visits Hungary. The trip took 3.5 hours up the Danube and 2.5 hours down the Danube back to Budapest.
In the picture above you will see the view from the Castle of Visegrad. Its a beautiful, lush view of the Danube. Even though it was busy with fellow tourists it was quite peaceful and calm when you looked out onto the Danube.

The picture above shows the wall of Visegrad Castle. I think in the next few weeks I am going to be "Castled Out"... I know they are part of history but sometime they start to look the same.

Okay I think most of these pictures are pretty self explanatory. This picture above, is of me at Visegrad castle, look at that view!!!

The rocky cliff shown in the picture is at the town of Vac. I was very surprised when I say this, it looks like the mid west doesn't it??

And there I am waiting for our boat to come in to depart to Budapest, enjoying the sunset :)


  • The bend looks like a beautiful part of the Hungarian countryside and the day looked perfect for a cruise on the Danube.

    Hey Kate, did you get a chance to visit the thermal hotel and/or the Lepence thermal baths.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:35 PM  

  • Dad,

    No thermal baths yet. I hope in the next week once things get warming. Its hard because on the weekends I am out of town and during the week no one can go because they finish work late. BUt I am going to try to fit it in soon.

    By Blogger Katie Paterson, at 5:16 AM  

  • Hey Kate,

    Wow!! What a view!! Wish I could be there with ya! Just in case you are missing Canada it was our very first really hot day yesterday. Yeah, you would have been uncomfortable. But then we all cooled down with some ice cream at DQ. :)

    We miss ya lots!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:06 PM  

  • Viv,

    Ohh the weather in Canada is so nice now... I am jealous Budapest has been rainy and cold :(

    Miss you,


    By Blogger Katie Paterson, at 3:41 AM  

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