Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Home Sweet Home...Finally

So... It has been 13 days so far in Budapest and I been going to work, booking appointments to see flats, almost moved to a new flat and then in the end decided to stay in the hostel I am already in.

So let me explain, when I first arrived in Budapest I was given a 4 person room at the Goliat Hotel (not like a hotel at home) just north if Hero's Square. I was told that later that evening another trainee will be arriving, she had currently been staying at another hostel but it was not very clean or safe. So later that evening Jola (my polish roommate) moved it. Shortly after her arrival she told me that she is currently looking to move to a flat closer to the city... I was devastated since at that moment Jola was the only soul I knew in Budapest and the thought of living alone was quite terrifying. The next day I went along with Jola to look at her flats. She had found herself a nice flat near the opera house that was currently looking for a third housemate. This apartment was newly renovated and was completely furnished with IKEA. So you can imagine how nice it was... So on Friday May 5th Jola had decided to move into this flat the following Sunday. So I took it upon myself to also start looking for a flat since I did not choose to continue to live at the hostel by myself with no easy night transportation!!

So there I was in the middle of Budapest on my 4th day calling apartments, sending emails and going to viewing appointments. I was doing all this and not be able to speak a lick on Hungarian... So finally on Monday I found myself a flat. It was located to the left of St. Istvan church in a building that must of been there since the medieval times! I loved the location and the inside was not great but livable (I can't complain when there is a toilet, a shower curtain and a door to the bathroom) There was currently two other girls living there, one from Hungary and the other from Moldavia. I had decided on the spot that I was going to be moving into the flat the next day, Tuesday.

So Tuesday came around and I told Jola that I was going to move. Jola had been living in her new place for 3 nights and she told me that she now wants to move back to the hostel!!! She tells me this the day I am suppose to move into my new place. So I decide to hold of until Wednesday to give Jola one night to sleep on her moving plans.

So as it ends up...

Jola moved back to the hostel. I called my soon-to-be flatmates and broke the bad news and now Jola and I are living in the Hostel very happily. As of Saturday a new trainee has arrived from Hamburg, Germany. His name is Alex and he is living a few doors down from Jola and I. Currently there is also a Thailand girl, Ommi, that is suppose to be living in our room but I have not seen her since Sunday and she will not be due back until Tuesday then she will be living the first week of June.

So currently Jola and I have lots of room. We have bought ourselves a electric kettle and two mugs to make tea in the mornings. I have posted a couple of pictures in the inside if my room. Its nothing pretty but at least it is clean : ) Also there is a link to the hostel website in the side bar of this blog.


  • The place looks cozy...and neat! Do you get housekeeping!? hehehe

    Has the Thai girl, Ommi moved in yet?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:08 PM  

  • Dad,

    The place gets cleaned on friday. The girl from Thainland has not official moved in yet even though one of her suitcases is in the room. Right now she is in Lake Balaton, be back on tuesday.

    By Blogger Katie Paterson, at 4:10 AM  

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