Friday, May 19, 2006

Desperate on a Thursday

First off I would like to aplogize for the cheesy title. I just couldn't help myself... So last night all the trainess (all 5 of us) were invited to attend a party at a night club near the "Astoria" metro station on the red line, called Desperados.

The whole theme of the club is a western style saloon. There is a maze of hallways that leads to various dance floors. The whole place was rented out by the students at the college I work for, BMF. The hungarians know how to book a party. They even provided their own DJ. The guy in the picture is one of the IAESTE organizors from BMF.

Below is a picture of Inci and I. She has the same birthday as me, December 30th. How neat is that, you travel to another continent and within the first few days you meet someone with the same birthday, kindered spirtis! Well kind of : )

The picture below is of Jola (my polish roommate)and I drinking the loverly Hungarian wine. I have come to learn that when in Hungary you do not drink beer you drink the wine or the apricot palinka (although I try to avoid the palinka because it can be deadly) I have even had a glass or two of red wine here and so far no headaches!! The hungarians really do make a nice selection of wines.
In this picture is the girls (Me, Jola and Anna) in the women bathroom (or Nöi WC, in Hungarian) Take a close look at the ad that is behind my head.. . I don't know what it says but the picture sure is interesting. On a side note Anna, is a past IAESTE president for one of the local committees in Budapest. She is taking electrical engineering at a local university in Budapest, BME.

Unfortunately not all the trainees made it out last night. So among all the Hungarian students there were the three international IAESTE students. In the middle is Alex, the new trainee from Hamburg, Germany. Right now there are 4 female trainees (Jola-Poland, Ommi-Thailand, Barbara-Autria and I) and one guy (Alex). Its been nice to have Alex around just incase we find ourselves in a weird area of town. He is also quite tall so its good : )
So that was my night, in all it was great and look forward to many more nights (hopefully the next time we wont get lost... we accidentally missed out bus stop last night, but we figured it out) so I will be able to learn the names of all the people I keep on meeting... So many hungarian names and I thought it was hard to learn english names.


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