Wednesday, May 10, 2006

First Day at Work

So I had my first day at work on Monday. Iren (aka Inci) from the IAESTE came to pick me up from my hostel and took me to work. I am working at the Budapest Polytechnical Institute in the department of Mechanical Engineering and Material Science better known as BMF to all the student who go here. The IAESTE office is located in the same building as I work which makes it easy to inquire about my paycheck and other administration.

So I arrive at 7:45 am at the school (15 mins earlier for work) and waited for the professor to arrive. The professor arrived at 9:00 looking very ill. We had our quick introduction and tour of the offices then I was brought to my office where I was given a laptop and printed articles to read. I was told my first task was to correct his research paper (which was written in English) then read the printed articles and write a 10-12 paged essay on the Topic of Manufacturing Cost Estimation and if I would like I may go site seeing for the day... Then in two weeks time I will start a very small Microsoft Access database.

That is it...

He has also made me aware of the fact that if I want I can take 2 weeks off if I would like to travel since it will only take 6 weeks to finish my work. My boss (Professor Miko Balazs) works at another university on Thursday and Friday of every week. So he will not be in the office those days and he has stated that the weather outside will be nice on Friday and the office is quiet so I should go sight seeing again... On Friday..

Gotta love the Hungarian work ethic and the academia life.

Today being my third day at work I thought I would purchase lunch at the little cafe in the building. It is a small room with a counter that sells 15 different kinds of premade fresh sandwiches and all types of drink and some hot items. Today I bought myself a large sandwich that had, meat, cucumber, tomatoes, cheese and hardboiled egg on it and I also got a tea (which resembled a warm cup of liptons ice tea, but it did taste good oddly enough). My total cost for this meal was 230 HUF which is 1.24 CAD!! And the sandwich was not small it was like a 6 inch subway bun but tasted so fresh! So it looks like eating at my work is a great and cheap idea!

So over all work is good and easy to get to. The only thing that sucks is that no one in my office can speak a lick of English... So it's quiet most of the time or I don't know what's going on because I cannot understand anyone.


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