Tuesday, May 09, 2006

First Weekend in Budapest...

Well I have to say I think the first week or at least the first weekend will be the most memorable. I will have to admit it was hard adjusting to Hungarian life and city life. I think I am still in the process. Coming to a brand new country by yourself is quite an experience and not always in the good way. So many unknowns and it can be a lot at once. But as the days pass and the nights came to I managed to meet a few people and I have gone out every night.

My first weekend in Budapest has been one great big roller coaster ride, both emotional and physically. I went from feeling lonely to meeting new people to not being able to communicate with anyone. I have been on the right side of the Danube the left side of the Danube, Buda Castle Hill, Hero Square, Metro stations, Trams station, bus station and even a large mall called West End Mall (very similar to home ) and a McDonald's (I know Adam I should be eating the Hungarian food... It wasn't my idea)

One of the best things I have done so far would have to be my Motorbike ride around the Danube. Don't worry everyone I was not driving I was a passenger! It was so nice to see the city at night all lit up whizzing by you. I was taken up "Bajcsy-Zsilinsky ut" across "Margit hfd" (Margaret Bridge) down "Budai Also rakpart" past "Batthyany ter" Metro station (Red Line). Then over the "Szecheny lanchid" (Chain Bridge) back to "Deak ter" Metro (Yellow, Blue and Red line) station. (if you want to search any of these streets check out www.mappy.com) What a Ride!!

Well I have also learned that the drink of choice for the Hungarians other than wine is an alcohol called "Palinka", much like vodka. It is made from plums and comes in different flavors. They prefer to drink it cold or frozen.

I have been doing a lot of walking around trying to get familar with all the different areas and transit ways. I might soon become a public transit queen (Who would of thought I would be doing the whole public transit thing?!!) I have been issued a Hungarian student card from the university where I am working at so I get a 30 day pass for a little over 2000 HUF which is $10 CAD for the whole month and I can travel on the Metro, Trams, Trolleys and Bus as much as I want. I think I would take the public transit in Toronto if it was that cheap!

I have been keeping up with my Smart car count and here are the updated numbers..

Fortwo - 7
Forfour - 4

I am still loving that car the more and more I see it


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