Friday, January 29, 2010

Nearing the end...

So It's coming to the end of January and I have not my part of my new year's resolutions... I have not done EA Sport Active since the first week and I have been stealing cookies form the cookie jar at work :(

But I am going to treat these as minor setback and get back on the game, today I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the To DO list that just seems on growing no matter how many I check off. I need to create a blog plan and a life plan for all the things that are going on with me. I am looking forward to another year of great transformations and opportunity.

Keep my head high for February!

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Baby is Back!!

So, no I am not a mom but I do have something that is very dear to me, my blue and silver 2006 diesel SMART car. I have always dreamed of own this car since my first trip to London, England when I was in grade 11. I purchased this vehicle shortly after graduated and I was in heaven. My three year long journey with this car has been much the opposite, I have gone through three air conditioning repairs, brake replacements, air bag deployment after a collision with a pothole, replacement of the carpet and not a fuel pump repair after my car died on me on my way way from Christmas.

I still love my car I so sweetly named Mr. SMART but I worry that all these repairs are just getting to be too much. It breaks my heart to think about selling this car since I always thought I would keep this car for the rest of my life. I have some major decisions to make this month and I need to re prioritize mt financial situations since I am still a student.

Give you an update soon...

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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Resolutions and Monthly Challenge Update

Okay so just a quick update on my progress with my Resolutions and monthly challenges...

So I have stated EA Sports Active and I am on track. Later on tonight, when I get home I will be completing my fourth workout! Just need to keep the eye on the ball. So personal challenge and good health resolution... check!

I do have bad news however... I had a cookie from my work yesterday... I was having a PMS day and I just couldn't resist the craving... and the sad part was that the cookie wasn't even that good. It was over baked an really crunchy, but I ate it anyways. So as far as my monthly work challenge goes I get an 8 out of 9 for the 9 days passed for far. But I will stay focused and make yesterday a one time affair!

My money challenge in on track, I have not purchased a Venti Non Fat Tea Misto form Starbucks on my way to work yet. I have been resisting the temptation by making tea at home with my trusting steep tea brewer and choosing from my wonderful collection of David's Tea. If you have not been to a David's Tea before and you are a lover of tea please go! It totally rocks, check them out on the web at David's Tea. I will save my never ending love for all things David's Tea on another post! I would love to share my fav tea reviews!

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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

EA Sports Active 30-Day Challenge - First Day

So to hold true on my new years resolution and my fitness challenge for this month I have stated the EA Sports Active Wii game. I have done two workouts to date and today is my rest day... thank goodness because I am one sore sack of fat!! Man I had no idea how out of shape I was! I even try to do some stretches once the workout was over and I could barely reach my toes... from all those years of dance, completely down the drain.

As for my initial impressions of the game I do break a sweat during the exercises. I am currently doing the 30 day challenge which gives the user a overview of different exercises each day. I have done exercises such has side lunges, font lunges, shoulder presses, bicep curls, running walking, tennis and boxing. Only complaints so far are that the elastic band is a death trap waiting to happen (it snapped right out of my hand and basically took my arms off), the console was not registering my left lunges properly (been told by a trusty Tweeter @scrappinmichele that if you adjust the leg strap that it should work better) and last concern is that the exercises seem short but that might be because the 30-day challenge is an intro to the exercises and they want you to practice the technique.

This weekend EA Sports is having there testers at a retreat in LA. They will be doing a live chat on Saturday January 9th at 4pm PST on UStream. Follow @Active_Girl for details

I will keep you posted on my journey will EA Sports Active over the coming weeks!

Last thing, wanted to give a shout out to a fellow blog who gave me a great tip based on my last posting and my struggle with the Starbucks budget :)

Check out April's full post here... April's Blog and follow her @SparrowApril

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Monday, January 04, 2010

Monthly Goals

Okay so above all those new years resolutions and yearly intentions I would also like to throw in a few monthly challenges that I will concentrate on each month;

I have three categories and I will have a challenge in each one. Here it is for January!

Work Challenge - Do not eat the freshly baked chocolate cookies that sit in front of me each day. This is my small step to trying to cut out bad foods in my diet. I don't want to go over board since I do like to indulge every now and then, but I think i can survive with out a daily cookie!!

Personal Challenge - Start the EA Sports Active Wii 30 challenge

Money Challenge - Do not buy a Venti Non Fat Tea misto with no syrup on the way to work, Drink a tea before I leave the house and drink the tea that is at work and most of all free!! This should save me tons of money since Starbucks is changing from bag tea to loose tea and the Tea Misto is going to be increase in price to $4.84!!! too rich for my blood!!

I am hoping if I write them down it will keep me accountable. Each month I will change the challenges in each of the categories or maybe keep it going with a challenge if I think I still need improvement.

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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Year 2010 - I'm Back!!!

Okay so I realize it has been almost 4 years since I last posted on this blog. Over the years I have had fleeting dreams about coming back to this blog once my large travels take me somewhere grand and worth writing about. But I am done waiting, why must I wait for some far away place to inspire me to share my life adventures? Life in itself is an adventure and in 2010 I want to embrace that. So I am coming back to you with a similar looking blog but a very different outlook to life.

Someone very close to me recently reminded me that it's the small things that count and those small things are what can make life exciting and adventurous. So this blog will be used to document the small things in life. I am looking forward to all my crafty adventures, food adventures, backyard adventures, fitness adventures, career adventures and anything else that comes my way!

So in honor of this great new year I present my 2010 resolutions...

1. Post on this blog at least once a week with posted pictures
2. Post on my scrap booking blog at least two times a week
3. Make fitness a priority in my daily schedule - I know everyone says this every year!!
4. Salsa dance once a week with Ryan, anywhere!!
5. Be at peace with who I am and where I am now, live in the here and now! Enjoy life as it happens!

Number 5 seems like a big one, I think I might need to break that down and make a plan! Any ideas??

I would also like to list Goals and Intentions for 2010...

1. Purchase a home to call my own with my boyfriend Ryan before the HST tax in July
2. Complete my Event and Meeting Management certificate at George Brown as of August 2010
3. Obtain a full time position as an event manager, putting my new education into good use!
4. Pay off all credit card debt

Well thats all I got for now, it feels great to get these thoughts out of my head.