Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1st BzzAgent Report: South St. Burger! plus giveaway

So many of you may not know what BzzAgent is and since this is my first posting about my BzzAgent experience let me first give you a bit of an intro before I get into the Food review.

So here is the description right from

"BzzAgent creates a deep connection between consumers and brands to activate word of mouth across social and offline media. Through the engagement of our network of passionate, vocal and connected consumers, we provide companies the ability activate large-scale discussions, uncover hidden value, and drive measurable results. We believe in unpaid, unscripted ethical and authentic conversations (only!)"

So in short you sign up for "campaigns" then free product, coupons and product information is sent to you via mail. You test this product and have conversations with your friends, family, co workers etc. Each time to have a conversation you submit a report and earn free stuff each time a report is submitted!

I have been a BzzAgent since February 13, 2009 and have done 3 campaigns (Nodica Single Serve Cottage Cheese, Bio-K+CL1285 and Danone DanActive) and working on my 4th which I will be reviewing today.

So onto the review; South St Burger:

Last week I received my Bzzagent package that included a $10 voucher for South St Burger, 10 "buy one combo then get the second free" coupon and an information booklet about South St Burger.

Here are a few fun facts about South St Burger
- South St Burger is the creation of the New York Fries company
- They are bullfrog powered in 5 of their stores
- All their meat is naturally raised with no additives or preservatives
- NYF was the first Canadian chain to removes trans fat from their cooking process!

My boyfriend and I met at the location at Yonge & Eglington (2383 Yonge St). I ordered the veggie burger combo with cheese and onions rings and he ordered the cheese burger combo with poutine.

Sorry guys, I was so hungry that I forgot to take a food shot!

For me it was the best veggie burger I have had! It really did taste like meat (and I am not a vegetarian I prefer meat patties). My onion rings were made from red onions and they were light and crispy, delish! My BF's burger was fresh and juicy and the poutine was a great compliment to the meal. We both left feeling satisfied and look forward to bringing friends back soon!

I do have a 2 for 1 coupons to giveaway for South St Burger. If you want to to be added in the draw you can earn up to 3 entries each and this is how...
1. Post a comment on this blog post
2. Become a follower of my blog
3. Tweet out this blog post to all your friends!

Well, off for now but look out for more post from South St Burger in the coming months. I want to try many more menu items; Milkshakes, salad, chicken burger, and all the condiments they have to offer! Off to enter my BzzReport :)

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Fitness Challenge - Fit & Fab 6 Weeks

To prepare for an upcoming trip to Florida in August and to shed that winter bulge...

I have joined Fit & Fab Challenge on Positive Fabulous Women Network website. This is a 6 week challenge that has brought together approximately 50 women in the Toronto region who have made a commitment to there health!

I have been given 12 sessions at Goodlife Women's Fitness Club on Toronto St and 12 sessions at 889 Yonge Yoga & Wellness Centre! I am very excited, this will boil down to 4 gym sessions per week. Quite an exciting fitness journey for me and I am going to document my whole adventure right here on my blog to track my progress, keep my motivation high and to rally support!!

I have my trusty Fit & Fab log book in hand and it will not leave my side for the next 6 weeks.

In the log book I have written done my three goals;

This is my a picture of me on the start of this journey and my stats for reference to track the physical change in my body over the next 6 weeks.

Weight: 139 lbs
Bust: 36"
Waist: 30"
Hip: 41"

If you want to join my journey and share you fitness and eating tips feel free to comment on this blog, become a follower on twitter @katiepaterson or find me on Facebook!

Off to get my gym clothes ready for my first class tomorrow at Goodlife fitness!

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