Monday, September 04, 2006

My German Home

So, I had a request to post more pictures of where I am living. I hadn't realized that I had only post pictures of things around my place but no pictures of my place : )

So here it is...

This is the front of my place. The name says it all... "HOTEL". The full name of the place I am living at is Hotel Carle, it took me quite some time to figure out that this "HOTEL" was the place where I was staying.

Now this is the front door to my place. Since I am renting an apartment within the hotel, I have a separate entrance which I share with the laundry room. After being here for over a month I have never once seen anyone else use this door.

This is me sitting inside my apartment. Yes... When I say "my apartment" I mean this is my whole apartment in this picture. It is a bachelor apartment. The door in the back opens up to the bathroom with a stand up shower.

Now below is some more pictures of the houses and such around my place. The houses here are just fascinating. I love how they mix the old with the new.


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