Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Well as every knows, when you go to a new country things are going to be different. In some cases I am sure they can be very different.

(Pardon some spelling mistakes, I am using an Hungarian laptop which has the Y and Z in a different position)

Okay so below I have listed my Hungarian observations...

- Signs painted on the sidewalk that sas "Internet Cafe" and leads to a store that also has a sign on the door that says internet but inside they sell rollerblades and do not understand what the word "INTERNET" means no matter how slow you say it or hand gestures you make

- Everybody waits for people to get off the bus, metro or tram before entering, it is very polite.

- Everybody buys flowers on Friday (The flowers are much nicer and exotic then home)

- As a non Hungarian resident I cannot buy a cellphone but I can buy a SIM card for a cellphone (Figure that one out...)

- No matter what country you are in there is an IKEA!

- Hungary is not known for it's beer... Dreher (Hungarian beer) tastes like Canadian

- Just because it is called a HOTEL does not mean it will look or feel anything like a hotel... Meaning you won't have you own bathroom and there will not be any toilet paper or shower curtains (Man what a way of life...I have bought a plastic table cloth as my sudo curtain)

- Everyone has a cellphone.. I mean everyone. I am starting to think you get one with your EU citizenship

- Lots of young men wear full suits during the week

- They put flannel blankets on the chairs on the patios in the evening (I love this!!!!!)

- You do not have to pay for the public bus... And even if you try the machines that are suppose to take your ticket doesn't work anyways

Well that's all the observations I have so far. I am sure I have noticed a lot more but can't seem to remember them all. There are too many!!!


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